Liquid Impulse

 Liquid Impulse is an open source SDL game. It was created for an Academic project.
 Game run on Linux, Windows (XP at least) and on the PSP Slim. (Not sure about the PSP1's RAM)


What is Liquid Impulse ?

The game is a Beat Them All, with references to oldies that defined the genre. Our goal is to make a game with the good old spirit but using the modern computing power. What would you say if you could beat 40 guys with the same punch in Streets of Rage, sending them in the air then jumping and keeping hitting them before the final knockdown-in-air that made explode the floor and send up the 20 others guys that were waiting you so you can keep hitting the 60 bastards  ?

Heyyy ok I want to play !

Me too. But right now the game is still in the first stage of his life. But you can help us and download any of the concept/alpha builds. You can download the last build here: (Linux, Windows and PSP). Put please note that the game is not finished yet and there is bugs.


What tools you used to make this game ?

Langage used are C++ and C, and the libraries are SDL, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and minIni. To develop, we use Visual Studio 2010 or regular Linux build system with CMake. We use the psp toolchain and make to compile the game on the PSP handheld.



Music is from Danjyon Kimura:
Sprites are from and is a copy of KOF2003. (Copyright SNK) The InGame Backgrounds are made by CardCaptor Schuleter on
Fonts are from Ænigma on
The background of the main menu is from the Streets of Rage game. (Copyright SEGA)

Thanks to G.M Spectre for his sprites that helped us a lot.

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